Stand Up Paddle Lessons

The Lessons have been structured so there is something for everyone, the novice - having never even been near the water before, to the experienced surfers and paddlers looking to improve their surfing or paddling techniques with the school. 

What are you waiting for? Book a lesson today and learn to walk on water.

SUP Level 1

Learn about the board and paddle whilst picking up some basic paddling skills. You will master the essentials and practice paddling across flat water making turns and learning how to control the board.

Duration:1.5 hours

Water Conditions: flat

Cost: $40 per person, minimum group numbers 5 people

Child receiving Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons at Bargara
SUP Level 2

Move on and up and find out how to ride small waves, switch feet and keep your balance as you paddle onto waves and make smooth exits. You’ll learn how to control the board with your paddle and by shifting your weight.

Duration:1.5 hours

Water Conditions: small waves

Cost: $50 per person, minimum group numbers 5 people

Adult on a Stand Up Paddle Board
SUP Level 3

Pick up some advanced skills and move up on to larger waves. Use the power of the paddle and learn how to rotate on your fins, move into and float off sections and power into breaking waves with ease.

Duration:2 hours

Water Conditions: small-medium waves
Cost: $90 per person, minimum group numbers 5 people

Women surfing
Private Lessons

Recommended for surfers looking to try something new or for those wanting to learn all the skills in one go – a private lesson will take you straight to the power moves and paddling into sets, changing direction and cutting back with speed. Call Keith to arrange as the cost and time slots will vary to accommodate your needs.

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